Powerful tools, friendly platform.

Easy-to-use collaboration spaces to make online work accessible to anyone.

Familiar desktop experience

Deskfirst's familiar desktop environment makes collaboration easier than ever before.

Drag & drop anywhere

Drag & drop files from your device and within Deskfirst with ease, just like a real desktop.

Folder windows

Open multiple folder windows simultaneously, drag & drop between folder windows with our built-in file explorer.

Share with ease

Share your web desktop with anyone, and manage permissions easily. Share by sending an email invite or a shareable link.

Email invites

Send email invites directly from your web desktop.

Shareable Links

Generate a shareable link for immediate viewing access to your web desktop.

Granular permissions

Control what your invitees can do, choose between: Viewer, Editor, and Manager roles.

Your business. Your brand.

Customize your web desktops to match your brand. Put your brand in the forefront and make sure that everybody sees it!


Upload your logo, choose your brand colors, position your brand assets as you wish.

Unsplash Integrated

Choose a stunning background from the endless Unsplash library of beautiful images.

Multiple web desktops

Create as many web desktops as you need. For each project, create a web desktop with its unique name, appearance, storage limits, and sharing permissions.

Create dozens of web desktops!

With the Pro plan you can create dozens of different web desktops!

Customized web desktop for each project

Set for each web desktop a unique name, appearance, and storage limits. Share it with others, and assign them different access permissions.

Dynamic storage

Allocate desktop storage according to your usage, and edit it dynamically according to your needs.

Allocate storage according to your usage

Using a convenient slider, you can allocate the storage you need per desktop. Whether you store for small or large files, Deskfirst fits your needs.

Reallocate storage dynamically

Increase or decrease storage allocation of your web desktops anytime according to your usage.

Built-in media player

Play videos and audio files directly from your web desktop using Deskfirst's fully-featured media player!

Regardless of the file format, uploading is simple.

Β Upload files in any format without worrying.

Online sticky notes

Quickly add sticky notes to your web desktops and keep everybody in the loop.

Add & edit sticky notes anytime

Add sticky notes to web desktops to keep comments and notes, for you and others. Easily edit existing notes anytime.

Customize your notes

Customize the color and size of sticky notes per your preferences and make sure that important information stands out.


Create shortcuts to external resources, such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Airtables, and many more.

Create shortcuts easily

Copy & paste the URL to your desired resource and that’s it, your resource would be available with its original icon.

Shortcuts to any online resource

Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Airtables, Figma files, you name it! Simplify your workflow by having shortcuts to external resources, have them all accessible directly from your web desktop.

Embeddings and integrations

Embed your web desktop in ClickUp. Many more integrations are coming soon!


Embed your web desktop in a ClickUp view using a shareable link.

Additional integrations coming soon!

We are working on various integrations with partner companies that will boost up your work even more, stay tuned!

Team management

Manage your team with ease using the team management menu. Purchase Pro licenses and assign them to your team members, so they could enjoy all the Pro features as well. You can also assign team admins to help you distribute licenses between members.

Assign Pro Licenses

Easily assign Pro licenses to others, so they could be invited as Editors or Managers to others' desktops, and enjoy all the powerful features of Deskfirst Pro.

Granluar Team Permissions

Assign roles to team members for easy management. The team owner can purchase multiple licenses, which can be distributed also by team Admins.

Access anytime, anywhere.

It's free - no credit card required