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Hire a VA and get Deskfirst software worth $1,188 for free

Gain exclusive access to top talents in the Philippines to enhance your team, coupled with a Professional license to the Deskfirst collaboration platform included.

Our virtual assistants receive competitive compensation of 3-5x times the industry average, along with comprehensive health insurance and benefits, ensuring their commitment for the long haul.

Validated by experts, valued by customers

Unleash your business full potential.

Say goodbye to hefty tasks.

We will take care of your time consumption , Deskfirst VA’s combined with the collaboration platform are included in our service offering.

Retain the best people

Our virtual assistants receive compensation that is 3-5 times higher than the average in the Philippines, along with comprehensive benefits such as health insurance, 13th-month salary, and more.
Health insurance
13th-month salary
Paid hollidays
3-5x above average salary
+ Many more

$0 hiring fee

No hiring fees, we will take care of that while matching you a virtual assistant.

Ditch compliance

We take care of legal documents, payroll, and other compliance technicalities.

Flexible contracts

No long term commitment contracts.

Personalized support

A dedicated account executive will support you throughout the process and during your engagement with your VA hires.

Deskfirst software license included

Professional license to the Deskfirst platform included.
Worth $1,188 annualy - at no extra cost!

Ready to delegate tasks and reclaim your time?

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Unlock Your Full Potential with Deskfirst VA

Our virtual assistant service provides a range of solutions to meet your business needs.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Deskfirst VA

Our team of skilled virtual assistants can handle various roles, including administrative tasks, marketing support, and social media management.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Deskfirst VA

Our virtual assistant service offers numerous advantages, such as increased productivity, cost savings, and efficient task management.
Hire top talent for numerous roles
Deskfirst VA has access to tens of thousands of virtual assistants
Social Media Manager
Customer Support
Executive Assistant
Graphic Designer
Email Marketing
Administrative Assistant
Data Entry Specialist
Video Editor
Sales Representative
Project Coordinator
Bookkeeping Assistant
PPC Manager
SEO Specialist
HR Assistant
+ Many More
Nikko Balsasan
Virtual Assistant
SEO Specialist
Angela Daniel
Virtual Assistant
Marketing Assistant
Renessa May
Virtual Assistant
SEO Specialist
Gabriel Bayani
Virtual Assistant
Graphic Designer
Ann Lay
Virtual Assistant
Operations Assistant
Angela Daniel
Virtual Assistant
Social Media Manager
Anita Ramos
Virtual Assistant
Customer Support
Mary Santos
Virtual Assistant
Project Coordinator
Geralt Silva
Virtual Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Elena Cruz
Virtual Assistant
Bookkeeping Assistant
Alma Hiraya
Virtual Assistant
Sales Assistant
Maria Althea
Virtual Assistant
HR Assistant
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We have carefully selected them from a pool of experienced, qualified professionals based on their skillset, experience, and qualifications. We are confident that these candidates are the best match for your role and can bring great value to your team.

Start a 5-day trial for only $250


to ensure the roles are filled quickly and efficiently. We use our extensive database of potential candidates, as well as our own recruitment teams, to find you a match for the role. We then review the candidate's qualifications, skills, time-zone and experience 
to ensure the perfect fit for the position.

We handpick candidates for you and help you interview them.


Experience our virtual assistant service with confidence through our risk-free trial period. Not fully satisfied? No worries! We stand by our commitment to exceptional service. If your assistant doesn't meet your expectations, we'll swiftly replace them with one better suited to your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Welcome your new Team Member!


We will benchmark the performance to make sure your assistant is the perfect fit for you, Effortlessly Offload Responsibilities to Premier Professionals and Embrace Your Hard-earned Downtime!

Delegate tasks and reclaim your time

Ready to start delegating?

Software Included

Hire a VA and get a Professional license to Deskfirst software
Worth $1,188 per year - at no extra cost!

Simplify your workflow with virtual assistants, clients and colleagues
with our award-winning collaboration software in one go.

Online collaboration that look & feel like a desktop
Share files and collaborate with anyone with online desktop experience. Share by sending an email invite or a shareable link.
Simplify your workflow with VAs and clients
Keep client projects organized with dedicated online desktops. Discuss files, leave comments, sticky notes, and see who is online.
Your brand
Customize your web desktops to match your brand, and leave a lasting impression on your team and customers.
Granular Permissions
Maintain control over who accesses what with granular permission management and licensing options.

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Start with a 5-day trial for only $250


Deskfirst virtual assistants cost a fraction of US equivalents.

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minimum 20 hours per week

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Example Roles:

Basic Operations
Chat Support
Data Entry
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minimum 20 hours per week

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Example Roles:

Advanced Operations & Admin
Social Media
Graphic Design
Tech Support
expert plan



minimum 20 hours per week

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Example Roles:

Executive Assistant
Video Editor
Marketing Manager
Many more

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