Summer Plans with Deskfirst

Looking to plan a trip this summer? Deskfirst can help. Check off your bucket list, starting with Deskfirst!

Gabrielle Spitz

July 3, 2023

Looking to plan a trip this summer? Deskfirst can help. Check off your bucket list, starting with Deskfirst!

Summer is an ample time for checking items off your bucket list. Whether that be landing your dream internship, reorganizing, redecorating, or traveling - the list goes on. Summer is a time for reconvening, relaxing, and exploring.

We all know that Deskfirst’s functionality makes it the best platform for online collaboration between clients and colleagues in the office. But, what about using Deskfirst for YOU? Let’s talk about using Deskfirst to check off your summer bucket list. Summer is a time for prioritizing life’s beauty. Deskfirst can help.

Getting Started

Choosing the perfect summer travel destination can be overwhelming. From exploring Europe’s diverse landscapes, hiking through Zion National Park, or skiing in Iceland, the possibilities are endless and so is the price tag. All planning essentials can be executed with Deskfirst and sent to the people you want to share these special places with.  

After doing research and deciding on your desired destination, it is time to make your web desktop. Aside from being one of the trendiest countries to travel to, filled with immense history, effervescent culture, authentic food, and breathtaking views, Italy has always been at the top of my bucket list.

Time to plan a two week journey to Italy!

The final web desktop

The glamour of traveling undermines all of the planning that goes into it. Especially when you're headed to a foreign country where you don’t know the language. Planning is essential, but the stressors that come with it are inevitable. Luckily, there is a solution.  

Now, let’s use Deskfirst to take these plans out of the family group chat…

I picked four places in Italy that I knew I wanted to travel to: Rome, Florence, Capri, and various small cities on the Amalfi Coast. From there, I created folders for each of these places, narrowed down into three main categories: Restaurants, Sightseeing, and Nightlife.

Each of these folders serve as a place where I can organize all of my findings, schedule my time, and budget. I want to make the most of my time so I can fully immerse myself in all of Italy and plan accordingly. It also keeps all travel plans in one place for everyone in my family to reference when we are at each destination, to ensure we are all on the same page. Lastly, my web desktop is a great way to share links to flight information, restaurants, activities, etc. and gain my family’s feedback.

Let the Journey Begin

My trip is planned, my family couldn’t be more excited, and we all have the night before flying jitters. An exhausting, yet exhilarating feeling.

We landed in Italy. Time to take it all in…

Before we knew it, it was day 7. Halfway.

Then our last day rolled around. A trip of a lifetime.

I couldn’t thank Deskfirst enough.

One for the Books!

We head home and reality hits. Time to post on social media to pretend I am still there: proof to the rest of the world that I was, in fact, making the most out of my summer.

Part of the stigma around traveling is showing the rest of the world that you are living your best life.

The memories and who you make them with are what make traveling so special. I bet the photos from Italy are most definitely worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless. A picture may capture the moment, but doesn’t encapsulate it. The best moments aren’t recorded on a smartphone

Let them all unfold. One laugh, smile, and view at a time. Every check on your bucket list starts with Deskfirst.

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